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An open letter to ICCF

This letter is primarily addressed to the leaders of the Illini Chinese Christian Fellowship who served there in 2005-2006, at the time that I decided to leave ICCF.

I served faithfully in your organization for years, particularly in leading Bible studies and creating Bible study materials. I greatly enjoyed it and devoted a lot of time to it (probably too much time - in hindsight, I think I should have focused more on my studies). I tried to steer the fellowship clear of theological controversies and questionable teaching, and tried to set a (theologically and spiritually) balanced tone and an emphasis on practical spirituality and practical Bible study, rather than the doctrinal rabbit trails that others go for. In the process I had to be patient at times with strange ideas or doctrines, or even bad behavior from some people there. Though I did not always feel accepted as an outsider (as a non-Chinese), I at least thought I was serving faithfully, had friends there, and was making…