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Last Monday I got to give a talk at a public speaking event known as the 세바시, or 세상을 바꾸는 시간 15분 at the KT Hall in Mokdong. It is organized by CBS (the Korean Christian Broadcasting Service), and is one of their secular programs; it is modeled on the TED conferences. It will air on the CBS TV cable channel in three weeks [see,], and immediately thereafter it will be posted on their Youtube channel [].
I don't want to brag about this (which is why I'm posting this on Google+, as I only know two people in the world who currently use Google+). Rather, I want to thank God for this opportunity, and hope that others may be blessed by the talk.
That's because my talk is about 'Freedom from English'. I talked about how English has become such an obsession and a burden for Koreans, which is actually an emotional and spiritual bondage, which hinders them from learning English in any meaningful, practical …

My websites, updated

Well, it's been a while. More to come. My old Hanyang sites are down, since I moved to Korea University two years ago. All of my course materials and ESL materials have been moved to my main website, which actually runs off my Dropbox account, and is referenced by two URL shortcuts: or

The above site contains ESL materials, writing materials, course materials, and education related materials.

I have also opened a Youtube channel under the name kentlee7 []. I have a few of my KU materials there, mostly education related seminars. Hopefully I will create some ESL videos to help Koreans with English, maybe in the future.

I still have my website for my old Bible study materials from my grad school days: